White after Labor Day: A crime against fashion or an outdated rule?

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Many people have heard the old adage: don't wear white after Labor Day. But do folks still adhere to this rule?

It seems that most of them don't. Some claim that it's "a northern thing" while other say that they simply wear what they're comfortable in.

"If you look good in white, why not wear it year-round?" one Turtle Creek Mall patron said.

It's difficult to pin down exactly where this fashion rule originated. It most likely stems from the change in season. Before the majority of buildings were air-conditioned, people dressed in light colors during the summer months to stay cool. As the seasons changed and temperatures dropped, wearing white became less common.

Some people still abide by the rule but many dare to wear white whenever they please.

"I think a lot of people still follow the rule in the South," said Lindsay Caminita, manager of Thyme Boutique in Hattiesburg. "We don't sell as much white clothing past Labor Day."