Guilty verdict in illegal buttocks injection case

A jury has found Tracy Lynn Garner guilty of depraved heart murder and conspiracy to commit wire fraud after deliberating about two hours. Garner could spend the rest of her life in prison.

The victim, Karima Gordon, lost her life after, according to prosecutors, Tracy Lynn Garner lured the Atlanta woman to Jackson to perform a butt enhancement injection with silicon.

The Georgia pathologist who performed Gordon's autopsy testified that the cause of death was due to silicon leaving Gordon's buttocks and reaching her lungs.

However, the Defense argues while the silicon in the buttocks was tested, Gordon's lung was never tested. Therefore, Defense attorneys say their is no evidence proving that is what killed Gordon.

The Defense also told the jury during closing arguments, Karima Gordon wanted this procedure done and evidence reveals she did not care how she got the procedure or how much it cost.

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