Owner cited for leaving dog in hot car in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Thanks to a Good Samaritan going into T-Bones on Hardy Street In Hattiesburg for lunch, the life of a small dog was most likely saved.

As the Good Samaritan was getting out her car she heard a dog barking in distress. She looked around and found a small dog crated in the back seat of an SUV with the windows only cracked a little. Temperatures outside the vehicle were around 95-degrees. Hattiesburg Animal Control was called and by the time they arrived the dog had been in the vehicle for at least 30-minutes. Fortunately the animal control officer was able to find the owner in T-Bones and she was able to get to the dog before it was too late.

The owner was cited, however he was allowed to keep the dog.

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