August 29, Labor Day weekend forecast

Good Friday afternoon, everyone! Look for increasingclouds and the chance for showers and storms this afternoon across the PineBelt. Some storms may try to pulse severe, but the main threats this afternoonare just heavy rain and lightning.

For the weekend:

Saturday - It looks quite wet. Scattered showers and storms will move from south to north.You'll likely hear a few rumbles of thunder but organized severe weather isn'tanticipated. Right now it appears as if a shield of rain will line up across some of our western counties. Rainfall totals could be up to two inches in spots under this shield, so watch forlocalized flooding. Highs will be in the 80s and 90s. And if you're caught under the rain all day, you may be stuck in the 70s!

Sunday - It won't be as wet. A few isolated to scattered storms will be possible as things begin to shift west. Some of our western counties will likely still see a good soaking. Computer models indicate a chance for an additional inch of rain possible in some locations. Afternoon highs won't be held in check by the rain quite as much and most spots will make it back into the 90s.

Monday - A few scattered showers and storms look to be possible. Widespread rain isn't likely but a few summer times storms can't be ruled out. Afternoon highs will be in the 90s.