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What feature do you want most in the iPhone 6?


There is a lot of chatter and speculation as to what the iPhone 6 will feature. I want to know... what do you want on the iPhone 6? Tell me below!

Apple just sent out the official press event invitation. Keeping in line with Apple's typical sleek and cryptic style, all that is written on the invite is:

Wish we could say more.

Apple is expected to unveil the latest iPhone September 9th, along with the announcement of wearable tech, iWatch.

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  • News 7 Poll

  • Which of the following 'most wanted' iPhone 6 features would you most like to see in the new device?

  • Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:

    New "Sapphire Screen' that is difficult to scratch and crack
    28 votes
    Infrared camera to see in the dark
    10 votes
    New tools to monitor your health and fitness
    5 votes
    Ability to show 3D images
    2 votes
    New tools to control your home appliances
    4 votes
    Improved battery life
    31 votes
    Bigger screen
    41 votes
    Better camera
    9 votes
    Better phone reception
    4 votes
    More memory
    4 votes
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