Dash Cam Video: Jones County high-speed pursuits

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Law enforcement officers face a multitude of dangers every day from making an arrest to foot pursuits, but one of the most dangerous aspects of their work is high-speed pursuits.

According to fbi.gov, one person dies every day as a result of a police pursuit. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also states that on average, from 1994 to 1998, one law enforcement officer was killed every 11 weeks in a pursuit.

"Automobile crashes, domestic related instances are where most law enforcement officers lose their lives," said Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge.

In March 2014, dash cam video captures a high speed pursuit that starts in Ellisville. According to the Jones County Sheriff's Department, the woman had stolen the vehicle. During the pursuit, the driver struck one of the deputies vehicles.

"A vehicle can be used as a deadly weapon against us," said Sheriff Hodge. "We have been rammed, we've been run off the road."

While every department is different, in Jones County there's a discretionary pursuit policy.

"If it's just a stop sign violation or a tag violation or something to this nature and the deputies turn out to pursue that person or stop them and they take off then that pursuit most likely is going to be stopped because we don't want to put the public in danger," said Sheriff Hodge.

In another dash cam video, Jones County deputies chase a vehicle for at least 15 minutes. The driver of the white Nissan Ultima had been involved in a domestic aggravated assault. Eventually the car got stuck in a yard and the driver was charged with simple assault on a police officer, felony fleeing and domestic aggravated assault.

"I certainly don't want the people to get the idea that we have a discretionary policy and that they're going to be able to get out here and just open season, it's not going to happen," said Sheriff Hodge. "I don't believe it would happen anyway because we'll get you, I mean it may be tomorrow or the next day."

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