Jones County bridge repairs near completion

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Since MDOT started bridge repair work back in April earlier this year on two bridges located on Highway 11-South, a few county side roads that are being used as a detours have become degraded due to the increase in volume of traffic along with large trucks the roads weren't originally designed to support.

Work on the bridges is expected to be completed sometime around the end of September and once reopened, these detour roads will be repaired and resurfaced, according to District-4 Supervisor Andy Dial.

"Just be patient, we're coming, we will keep it patched regularly but as quick as we know that we can, and won't be any heavy loads on it, we will resurface these roads," Dial said. "You'll see us there, there'll be a lot of work going on for days down there and be some congestion problems and some travel problems but that's all expected with road repair."

Design changes and wet weather has pushed the reopen date back twice so far.