Petal Primary School launches new pre-kindergarten program

This school year marked the beginning of exciting things at Petal Primary School.

A new pre-kindergarten program has been implemented this year as a way to ease the transition to kindergarten. The school has partnered with Headstart to make sure that the students are prepared to start kindergarten next year.

The school is one of eleven sites across the state selected to implement the program. Community support factored into the selection process and because of the school's Excel by 5 early development certification, it was evident that the community stands behind its students.

"We are putting a lot of focus on the children's social-emotional development," said Nadine Coleman, director of Petal School District's Center for Family and Children. "This was identified as our greatest vulnerability for children entering school."

The kids' curriculum includes the basics as well, including counting, sorting, and the alphabet. They move between different stations, doing various activities to stimulate their minds.

"They're moving constantly. There's a lot going on. If you stay a short time you'll be amazed at all the learning that's going on," said Coleman.

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