Joe's Viewpoint: Boil Water Notices

Last week I asked you to send me topics that concern you or issues you would like the team at WDAM to look in to around the Pine Belt. I received some great comments and constructive critiques from you and I appreciate your input and candor. Some will require more time to investigate, but I would like to address an email from a viewer concerning boil-water notices. Tanya from Waynesboro wrote me asking why we do not keep our viewers better informed when it comes to boil-water alerts. What I learned is that while we do receive many of these notices, we do not receive all of them. In many cases, it is our viewers who alert us first and then we pass that information on in our newscasts, at and on our mobile apps. According to the Mississippi Department of Health website, local water systems are responsible for notifying customers directly of a boil-water alert. However, it seems there are no regulations or requirements enforced that govern how the multiple water companies and associations across our area should notify their customers. Many of us receive communications from our kid's schools and our favorite stores on our smart phones. Could that be a solution for the water companies? We should pressure our legislators to demand more responsibility on the part of the water companies to alert us when precautions should be taken.

This is today's viewpoint.