Seven-year-old boy runs through burning house, saves family

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - There's no better feeling than going to bed knowing your loved ones are safe and sound, but that feeling went up in flames for a Marion County family a few nights ago.

To think a Marion County boy saved his entire family would be inconceivable to some, but he did.

"I could hear his footsteps coming down the hall," said Remila Mikell, Jeremiah's mother.

Jeremiah ran back into the burning room where his brother slept before they rushed into Remila's room to get her out of bed on the other side of the house.

As soon as her boys ran into her room to wake her up, the boys' room was fully engulfed.

Moments before the entire home caught fire, the family escaped.

"He (Jeremiah) is not talking about it," Mikell said.

The family cried as they stood by the road, watching their home turn to ashes, but according to the family, Jeremiah stood motionless as firefighters and neighbors crowded the scene.

"I was thinking about getting him counseling or something," his mother said."He's just a blessing and I thank God for having him."

The future of the Mikell family is up in the air, but their hope is to get back on their feet soon.

If you'd like to help the Mikell family, you may donate to the Mikell family trust fund at any Trustmark Bank.