Lesbian couple receives threatening phone call

Brandiilyne Dear and Susan Mangum just professed their love on national television in the Showtime Documentary, "The L Word." Shortly after the show aired on August 8, they received an anonymous phone call.

Now the couple is on a mission to find out who he is.

"He said what he was going to do to me... And he told me he was gonna show me what a real man was," Dear said.

That's when they began recording the conversation on another phone in the room.

The strange caller's voice rang out, "Then I'm gonna stick it up your *** like it's a big ****."

Susan replied, "Do you understand I can track your number?"

The caller continued his belligerence.

"I'll bring the ****** bible, and I'll slap you upside the ****** ******* head with it," he said.

The couple says the anonymous caller more than likely found their number because it appeared in a clip at their Laurel business in the documentary.

"He told me what he was going to do to me, and he told me he was gonna show me what a real man was," Dear said.

That's when the couple took it personally.

"He threatened to molest us and rape us," she said.

Dear says she doesn't consider that call as a setback for the gay and lesbian community in the Deep South.

"I blocked his number and no one seems to be able to trace it. I've contacted all the authorities and they just said there's nothing they can do. That one phone call stands alone and it's buried under a mountain of love and support," she added.

"There is an underlying danger for the LGBT community."