Lamar County Superintendent candidates discuss campaign

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - On Tuesday the quarterly Republican membership meeting was held at the Midway Voting Precincts in Lamar County. Two candidates for the position of Superintendent of Education for Lamar County were invited to share their goals for the county during the meeting.

Wayne Folkes and Tess Smith are both candidates for the position of Superintendent of Education for the Lamar County School District. Both had to be qualified in order to be listed on the ballot.

Wayne Folkes statement: "I, Wayne Folkes, would like to announce that I am seeking the position of Superintendent of Education for the Lamar County School District.

I have 31 years of educational experience as a science teacher and coach for eight years, an athletic coordinator, assistant principal, and principal for twenty years, and starting my third year as Director of Student Services for our school district.

My experience as an educator and administrator makes me an excellent candidate for Superintendent. My goals are to continue to foster strong academics, to continue to develop strong relationships with our parents and communities, to support our teachers and staff through professional development, training, and a new teacher induction program, to continue to recruit and employ a highly qualified teaching staff, to ensure safe schools, and to plan for the future growth in Lamar County," said Wayne Folkes

Tess Smith statement: "I am currently serving as Interim Superintendent, appointed unanimously by the school board. I plan to ensure the safety of every student, support teachers as K-12 fully transitions to common core: approved resources, collaboration and professional development, hope to begin computer instruction at an earlier age, re-commitment to reading instructions and align the curriculums creating smooth transitions for teachers and students."

When asked, Why do you want to be Lamar County School District Superintendent? Smith's response:

"I have a vested interest in this school district. I am not only a property owner, but my youngest child is still a student in Lamar County. I was a student in Lamar County during the time the district began to be recognized for it's academic success. That success is commonplace now but I want to assure that every stakeholder feels the sense of pride in all that the district achieves and does not take it for granted. There are numerous changes facing education today. I want to be at the forefront of that change to ensure that LCSD never loses its high academic standing. teachers need support regarding classroom instruction. parents need transparent leadership at all levels," said Tess Smith

Both Folkes and Smith are looking for your support with a vote on November 4, 2014 for Superintendent of Education for Lamar County.