Ellisville firefighter loses own home to fire

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Around 1:45 Tuesday morning, August 19, firefighters from the Soso, Calhoun, Pleasant Ridge and Hebron fire departments responded to a call at 1266, Hwy 28 West in Soso. The home was occupied by the Terrence Pruitt family of five, who were visiting relatives and weren't home at the time of the fire.

When he returned home to get ready for his shift at the Ellisville Fire Department, Mr. Pruitt says he saw smoke and flames coming from the back of the house. He tried putting the blaze out but was unsuccessful and had to retreat. The home was completely destroyed and the fire is under investigation.

For donations, the clothing sizes of the family are as follows:

Francis, shoe size 8 1/2, shirt- medium, pants, size 6.

London, shoe 8 1/2, shirt- child xl, and pants child 16.

Kenadi, shoe 2, shirt 6x, and pants 6.

Kenzie, one year old, 18 months sizes,

Ken, shoe 13, shirt 2x and pants 42.