Purvis football team picking up the pieces after fire

PURVIS, MS (WDAM) - It has been two days since the a fire engulfed the Purvis High  football field house l. Superintendent Tess Smith and Head Coach Perry Wheat spoke with WDAM about the recovery process. Smith is focusing on the rebuilding and the finical side, while Coach Wheat prepares the team for the home game on Friday. Both say that they could not have done anything without the help of the community.

Various equipment contributions have been made and coach says the football community has been helpful. "The most impressive thing to me is that so many people hav tried to help. Sporting good dealers, many of them. But the most impressive thing has been from coaches from around the area. I have probably had one hundred coaches that have called to offer to not just loan me stuff, but give me stuff and bring it down here. It just says a lot about the community of coaches in Mississippi and what it is all about," said Coach Perry Wheat

Architects have been contacted and there is hopes that the team will be in a temporary football field housing within a month. Tess Smith says donations are being collected for what insurance does not cover. A short term account has been set up at Hancock Bank and for long term checks can be made to the Lamar County Educations Foundation. Checks can then be mailed to the district office.

The team has not missed a practice and plans to host their first football game of the season this Friday night.