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Palestinians call Netanyahu terrorist in West Bank

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A boy takes part in a march glorifying rockets and weapons used against Israel. (Source: CNN) A boy takes part in a march glorifying rockets and weapons used against Israel. (Source: CNN)

HEBRON, WEST BANK (CNN) - Gazans are trying to put their lives together after weeks of war.

But Palestinians in the West Bank are venting a collective rage furious with Israel, and frustrated by settlements on the land they see as their own.

With calm in Gaza, the anger it seems has moved to the West Bank. They call it a day of rage

They've just finished Friday prayers in Hebron and are now heading to the Old City, an area know a Barb el-Wah-ah where a group of Jewish settlers live heavily guarded by Israeli soldiers.

"We are Gazans and we are not afraid,” they chanted, men, women, and children. One boy is just 3-years-old.

"He should have joined the resistance two years ago," the boy’s father says of his child.

This isn't just a show of support for Hamas. For example a flag is for another militant group known as Islamic Jihad. And you can see models of the kind of rockets the Hamas uses. And what they say in the translation is 'Now Israel is close to Gaza' in reference to their long range missiles that the militants have been firing out of Gaza for more than a month.

The young men with their faces covered say the rockets are the pride of Palestine.

"This is the only solution to deal with the enemy," a man says.

The fighting in Gaza may be on hold, but the anger here is not.

“Netanyahu is very, very, very terrorist. We want him to go from here. This is our land,” said one protester.

As the demonstration reaches the Old City, most people fall away just as the violence erupts.

Right now the Israeli forces are at the entrance to the Old City in Hebron. And not far away a group of young Palestinians, mostly teenagers it seems. They're throwing rocks at the Israelis who are responding with stun grenades as well as what we assume at this point are rubber bullets.

And so it goes, the Palestinians throwing stones and rolling burning tires. Israelis firing back and at least one protester is hurt, carried away by friends.

And if the Israelis and Palestinians can't strike a deal to end the fighting in Gaza there could be many more days of rage, just like this across in the West Bank.

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