Seminary man invents spill proof pill dispenser

SEMINARY, MS (WDAM) - A Seminary man has invented a device that will prevent spills from pill bottles. Not only that, Toxie Williams believes it will help to save the lives of some young children.

"I was standing up one morning before I had my coffee," said Williams. "I opened a bottle of pills and boom they went everywhere."

After that incident, Williams said he started thinking that there had to be a way to prevent pills spilling out of the bottle after the cap was removed. Not only that, he did some research and found if he could come up with a way to make a spill proof bottle he could possibly safe the lives of some young children.

"I went online and I found a disturbing news that there were 67,000 children, one every 8-minutes going to emergency rooms for an unsupervised ingestion of pills they found on the floor or somewhere else."

Williams says his research drove him to finding a solution. He was able to come up with a simple solution that he hopes will save a lot of lives, something he calls a Spill Guard Select Dispenser.

"All you do is push the device in. Once it's in, it's not going to come out.

The device has four different size holes in it that can dispense different size pills one at a time. It has a sliding plastic cover that closes up the holes when not in use. The device can be pushed deep into the bottle and out of reach of children. It's also arthritic and disability friendly.

With the help of the University of Southern Mississippi Polymer Science program Williams has been able to develop the device. He has applied for a patent and is expected to hear something by November.

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