USM Move-in Day, a poem by Rachel Beech

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - It's move in day at the University of Southern Mississippi. Parents were surprisingly happy on Friday as they moved their Freshmen into dorms throughout campus.

Instead of a typical article, Seven on Your Side's Rachel Beech wrote a poem to commemorate the momentous day.

Move In Day

By: Rachel Beech

It's move in day at Southern Miss. Some students sad... Others, full of bliss.

Parents say move in day is different than before. There were dollies, volunteers, and smiles galore.

Students speak about their future careers... Which involves a lot more than vodka and beers. 

So don't be fooled by a freshman's cute face. Her next four years involve fashion merchandising's beauty and grace.

Speaking of style, and cool hair. We saw a-lines, and ombre's and vans everywhere.

And several young men with their coolers in tow...

Can't wait to hit the parties on fraternity row.

And don't be fooled by that freshman guy's swagg. When it comes to music, he's got it in the bag.
Do you see that couple? look at 'em swoon... They didn't seem worried about the traffic at noon.

West fourth street was busy, with cars everywhere, but police were on the scene, making drivers aware... 

A group of Deltas walked through Century Park, and say incoming Freshman should make their mark.

So as this poem comes to an end, we say good luck to you this year, my friend.

Pay attention in class, listen to what they teach. For seven on your side, I'm Rachel Beech.