MBI investigating Wayne County cold cases

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A murder, rape, and shooting into an occupied dwelling are afew cases Wayne County authorities have handed over to the Mississippi Bureauof Investigations.

"It's open investigations that we have currently hit a deadend on, they can be classified as cold cases," said MBI Special AgentInvestigator Leo Clemons.

April 13th 2014, officers responded to a call ofshots fired on Spring Street.

"Cueron C.C. Pope was gunned down inside his vehicle," saidClemons.

Multiple shell casings were recovered near the scene of thecrime and multiple persons of interest have been questioned.

"Now we don't have any information, as far as nobody iswilling to come forward to give us the information that we need," said Clemons.

June 14th 2014, officers responded to a call onTurner Street.

"A home invasion and rape of an elderly woman in Waynesboro,a gentleman entered the house through a window from the front, the frontstreet, and raped an elderly woman," said Clemons.

According to investigators, the suspect was described as amale with reddish hair, believed to be possibly mixed race, who spoke with a NewOrleans accent.

"Collected evidence from the rape kit and that has been sentto the crime lab, and we are waiting on the results to come back from that, butas of right now we have been through the neighborhood knocking on doors,talking to neighbors, you know, seeing if they remember anything from thatnight," said Clemons. "Unfortunately as of right now, we have come to a deadend on that," said Clemons.

July 23rd 2014, officers responded to a call ofshots fired.

"The shooting up of an apartment complex down in Waynesboro,at whets called the high-rise apartment complex," said Clemons.

According to MBI several suspects were chasing a person,continuing to fire shots which struck two different apartments. No one wasinjured in the incident; however authorities are still looking to solve thecase.

"We want to let thepublic and the family know that we haven't forgotten about the case, we arestill actively pursuing leads on the cases and we want the community to comeforward and help us way out any way possible," said Clemons.