Petal bus driver saves man's life at a gas station

Think about going about your normal routine, then looking over to see someone on the ground, fighting for their life. That's what happened to the Barber's when they saw Chuck Russell drop to the ground, in cardiac arrest.

"I walked around the truck and just passed out," Russell said.

Glenn Barber saw it all happen.

"He turned purple and just dropped to the ground," Barber said.

"I tapped on the side of the truck and noticed something is bad."

He called out to his wife, a bus driver for Petal Schools, trained in CPR; however, saving Russell's life was a team effort.

"I started doing chest compressions and Glenn did mouth to mouth. It wasn't done out of bravery, we just did it because we knew it was right."

Russell says he's so blessed they saved his life.

"The doctors said the quick and effective CPR is the only reason why I'm here," said Russell.

The couple administered CPR until first responders arrived. The good Samaritans and Russell were not friends before the incident. Fast forward to now, this is the first time they've seen each other since that fateful day.

"My wife was crying when we drove off, and I said at least we tried," Barber said.

The nurse who taught Marilyn Barber CPR says she's proud to be part of the domino effect.

"It is rewarding and that's one of our things we talked about and talked about... if we could just save one life, or if one of our students could just jump in there."

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