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Bullock Co. turns new leaf with grass cutting plan

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On Bullock County Road 30 a county employee bus hogs the high grass with workman-like efficiency, and metaphorically speaking, therein lies the new approach by county commissioners.

"This will fall under one umbrella," said Bullock County Chairman Ron Smith.

This week the county government decided to take a turn in a different direction with how a grass-cutting job like the one on County Road 30 gets done. In a 3 to 2 vote, county commissioners moved to go from a district system to a unit system. In simple terms what this means is instead of each commissioner supervising employees in their respective district, employees will now be supervised by the county engineer.

The move only impacts the Bullock County road department, which has 18 employees.

County resident Thomas Ritch thinks the idea has merit.

"I believe the unit system will work better because I never felt they had enough employees under the old system," Ritch explained.

The change isn't so much to save money but make the work that's required to take care of county needs more efficient. In other words, more with less.

"No longer will each commissioner be responsible for doing 4 or 5 things. The responsibility of the day-to-day operations will fall squarely on the county engineer," Smith said.

"This will make things a little easier on the guys and on me," said Bullock County foreman Randy Youngblood.

County government leaders also hope this will encourage residents to contact the county engineer with their concerns instead of their elected commissioner. But to be clear, Smith says the county commission will continue to make decisions on major issues.

With this change, Bullock County is no longer among the 13 counties in Alabama that worked within the district system.

It's a clean break to cut through the red tape a little more.

The three Bullock County commissioners who voted against the unit system had reservations about making the change for various reasons. One commissioner who was against the idea wanted to place the proposal on the ballot for a county vote.

The change goes into effect October 1.

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