Lamar County couple seeks marriage recognition

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Two Pine Belt men are one of eight couples participating in a statewide day of action for same sex marriage. Kory Chatelain and Larry Best went to the Lamar County Chancery Building on Wednesday to get their marriage license registered. It was a peaceful and smooth process.

The couple wed in New York in December, 2013; however, they've lived in the Canebrake area of Lamar County since 2009.

"They don't allow marriage here, and we think they should," Kory Chatelain said.

"We work, we pay taxes, and we deserve the same rights and privileges as anybody else who works and pays taxes, so, since they don't recognize marriage, we figured if we registered here, something happens to one of us at least it's on file somewhere," he added.

Laurence Best, Kory's partner, says he loves Hattiesburg, but same sex marriage rights would be icing on the cake.

"We are legally married," he said.

"We're husband and husband and we're so happy to be husband and husband. We've been together almost 23 years. I mean, we're everything to one another. I have 3 children from a previous marriage and Kory helped me raise those children for many, many years."

Additional couples participating in the day of action are recording their licenses in Amite, DeSoto, Hancock, Harrison, Hinds, LaFayette, Lamar and Pearl River Counties.

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