Chip Lindsey brings distinctive style to Southern Miss offense

Southern Miss offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey, is going though his first fall camp with the Golden Eagles.

Lindsey coached starting quarterback Nick Mullens in high school and brings a distinctive style with him from his last coaching stop in Auburn.

"We want to be a no huddle hurry up team, but not all the time. I think we want to play to our strengths depending on gameplan and who we're playing," said Lindsey.

"I think the thing were trying to do is establish an identity as being tough and physical no matter what we're doing. Running the football, attitude with our receivers attacking the ball."

His goal is to help a USM offense that finished 13th in scoring, 12th in total offense, but third overall in passing offense in Conference USA in 2013.

Head coach Todd Monken said "he believes philosophically the same things that I do."

"I think being at Auburn for one year, and seeing the contrast in styles and bringing [in] some of those ideas, I don't know how much all of it fits, but just in terms of just to think, just to make yourself think offensively of what you're doing, and where we're going to go moving forward."