Pine Belt comedian remembers Robin Williams

The reality of the death of one man who seemed to light up the world with laughter is setting in one day later. Williams was found dead in his home after an apparent suicide. His publicist confirmed Williams was battling with depression.

Although his final resting place is California, The Hub City is feeling the shockwaves of his tragic death. Local comedian Corbin McDavitt, in particular.

"Everyone has a connection to one of his films," McDavitt said.

He remembers how Williams' role in "Mrs. Doubtfire" helped him deal with his parents' divorce.

"When I think of Mrs. Doubtfire, I think about my dad... With the exception of the whole drag thing," McDavitt laughed.

"It made things better."

McDavitt says many funny people battle profound sadness.

"Comedians are funny, but they're people, too. It's almost like a crying clown. We've got to stop with this self-deprecating humor."

He adds that no matter how funny someone like Williams appears on the outside, you never know what someone is going through on the inside.

"Don't get lost in what other people think about you, but get lost in what you're doing for other people."

The superstar had connections in Mississippi. According to The Mississippi Department of Archives, his great-great grandfather was Governor of Mississippi from 1896-1900.