Jones County Sheriff’s Department unveils firearms simulator

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Jones County Sheriff's Department unveiled their new firearms simulator Tuesday. The training tool allows officers to participate in real life scenarios.

"We're teaching them how to do things properly, make good decisions along with those life and death ones," said Jones County Director of Training Sgt. Nick Messersmith.

This simulator's price tag is a little more $24,000, according to the sheriff's department it was purchased partially through a state grant and the Jones County district attorney's office.

"It's a great team work, great partnership and we're excited about this product for the safety of the officers," said Jones County District Attorney Tony Buckley.

"We've not spent any tax payer dollars since I've been elected sheriff in the purchase of cars or equipment," said Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge. "This is another piece of evidence of what we do with our drug seize money."

The simulator comes with hundreds of scenarios; each of them can end in several different ways.

"We're trying to train our people the best that we can cause our ultimate goal is to protect the people that we serve and make sure that our officers go home safely," said Messersmith.

The department believes they are the only agency in Mississippi that has a simulator like this. The training tool is available to surrounding law enforcement agencies.

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