New robotic surgical technology offered in Pine Belt

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Wesley Medical Center has a new technology that assists doctors in surgery.

"With the beat of the heart," said Joseph Washburne.

The single site robotic surgery has been out for about six months. Washburne was the first doctor in the state to perform the operation.

"With patient care they have had less complications, less blood loss, quicker recovery time and are back to work with minimal time down," said Washburne.

Two instruments and a camera are inserted into an incision that is no bigger than a fifty cent piece. The doctor operates with the assistant of the robot.

"My wrist it can only go 180 degrees you know I can flip it side to side. Where a robot can go 360 but it can add up to 420 so that's involving multiple joints like my wrist, elbow, shoulder all in one complete motion that I can't manually," said Washburne.

The intuitive De Vinci robot has the ability to remove prostate, gall bladders, colons, ovaries, kidneys and even perform heart surgery. Doctors say this futuristic operational robot has post operation patients leaving with no to little surgical pain.

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