Joe's Viewpoint: School Zones and Buses

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The beginning of the school year signals a return of school zones and school buses during our daily commutes. We all need to be reminded to respect the safety of children by slowing down around schools and being extra cautious around school bus routes. And remember many kids stay after school for extra-curricular activities, so it is not just immediately after school has let out that we need to be careful. Watch for children whenever you are in the area of a school. And when it comes to school busses, be respectful as you share the road and remember it is illegal to pass a school bus when children are entering or exiting. I applaud the Lamar County School district for recently adding cameras to their school buses to catch the license plates of violators. It will take extra caution on our part while driving for everyone to have a safer school year.

This is today's viewpoint.