Two wrecks in three days at Buckatunna's most dangerous intersection

A young man is recovering at home after being involved in a wreck at a busy intersection in the Buckatunna area on Highway 45. One teen lost his life at that intersection back in March. The mother of one wreck victim says something has to be done.

"We're here since March, when my daughter had the bad wreck and lost her boyfriend and there's been two more wrecks right here at this intersection," Tiffany Mills said.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation confirms 53 crashes and 3 fatalities at the intersection since 2006. After the last fatality, MDOT installed flashing lights over a stop sign.

"I mean it's ridiculous," Mills added.

Residents created a petition for a red light at the busy intersection and posted it on Facebook, but they're saying they haven't received a response from MDOT.

"How many wrecks are going to happen until they're going to do something?" she asked.

MDOT says design plpans for a new intersection are underway, and residents should see traffic lights this year.

"Can we see those plans?" Mills asked.

Stacey Gardner, a concerned resident says people who don't live in Buckatunna don't understand what's going on.

"People who don't live here and wasn't born and raised here actually don't see what we have to see every time we pass through here."

"I came by here probably a year ago with my two small kids and a man laid on the side of the road in a body bag. The people in Buckatunna are cryin' out for help."