Laurel chief administrator saying farewell to city hall

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The City of Laurel will soon say farewell to their chief administrator. Dennis Keveryn is retiring from his position again, but this time he says it's for good.

"It's time to hang it up," said Keveryn. "My final day will be Thursday, I believe that's the fourteenth"

This isn't the first time Keveryn has retired.

"At seventy-two this will be my third retirement," said Keveryn.

Keveryn retired from Chevron Oil Corporation in 1998, and he's also retired once before as Laurel's Chief Administrator. He plans to spend more time with his family and also wants to volunteer more; he said he will still be around.

"I'm going to be around and I'm going to come up here and harass the council at council meetings," said Keveryn laughing.

Overall he said he's leaving on a good note.

"I leave feeling good about the money situation Laurel's pretty solid," said Keveryn. "We've got an A+ bond rating, we're stabled, we don't have enough money, never do, we have to prioritize."

As for his position, Keveryn said he doesn't think it should be filled.

"This council is so strong I'm not really sure they need to fill this job," said Keveryn. "I think I would try to save the money and then give it time they may in time fill it, they may in time find out they don't need to. I don't know, that's just been my recommendation."

Keveryn said he's been working since 1965 and is finally saying goodbye.

"The only time that I've had off is those five years that I retired from this job," said Keveryn. "I've been in the war a long, long time you know, and I'm tired and I won't have to shave everyday and that's one reason," said Keveryn laughing.

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