Nationwide scam reaches Wayne County

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A nationwide scam has reached Wayne County. The sheriff's department is warning folks about phone fraudsters using officer's names to get you to pay a fine.

"It kind of threatens you in a way, makes you feel like you know your name is in jeopardy of being locked up and arrested on some type of charge if you don't go ahead and pay for it over the phone," said Wayne County Sheriff's Department Investigator Jamey Beard.

Beard said scammers are calling residents and telling them they have arrest warrants and trick them into paying a fee to clear them.

"They are actually using officer's names that's worked here now or worked in the past, stating who they are and that they've either failed to show up to court on a subpoena or either failed to pay a fine," said Beard.

According to Beard, the caller impersonating a local officer tries to convince residents to make a payment by wiring money through a pre paid credit card such as Green Dot. So far one resident has fallen victim to this scam.

"It apparently all comes from a different country, foreigners doing it," said Beard. "It's nobody here local, we can't trace it back to nobody and same way with the Green Dot card, you can't trace where the money goes once it's put on the card."

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department wants residents to be aware of this scam. The department does not notify residents about arrest warrants by phone or accept payments over the phone.

If you do have an old fine or a citation you need to pay, the sheriff's department asks you call the justice court.

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