Oak Grove Upper Elementary prepares for school year

Summer is winding down, ushering in a new school year. Wednesday is the first day of school for folks at Oak Grove Upper Elementary. Kids spent the afternoon getting acquainted with their new teachers on Tuesday.

Meet the teacher day is a monumental event for youngsters. Some said they're most excited about their teacher, and others said they can't wait to be in the same class as their best friends.

One math teacher says she's ready for another great year.

"I don't like to be bored," Linda Murray said.

"I don't want them to be bored, so between the movement, the, I don't necessarily sit in the desk all the time, I have them on the floor I have them moving around the school."

Even though meet the teacher day is a big deal for teachers and students, the day is particularly special for Heather Roland, the elementary school's new principal.

"We have a Mississippi day and a colonial day at the end of the first nine weeks so the students will be studying that information," Roland said.

She said she plans to keep her role as principal her main focus, while balancing other facets of life.

"It's very difficult to separate yourself from school and work just because your children are a part of the school as well," she added.

"So I really do try to treasure the time I have with my family."

For Oak Grove Upper, school kicks off on Wednesday morning at 7:40 a.m.