Clarke County Sheriff's office, NCIC help solve Jones County burglary case

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - On August 1, 2014 authorities with the Clarke County Sheriff's Office responded to a domestic violence call in Shabuta. William Allen Busby was arrested at the scene for the incident, when deputies noticed items inside the home that were similiar to a case earlier in the year.

They ran the serial numbers on the equipment and an NCIC hit came back. Clarke County officials said they then contacted the Jones County Sheriff's Department, and verified that the equipment had been stolen from a case earlier in the year.

Investigators said that Busby had been a suspect in several burglaries in the area for quite some time and had a lengthy criminal history.

On May 25, 2014 Deputies with the Jones County Sheriff's Department were dispatched to 640 Pittman Road in Ellisville, MS. Upon arrival, they met with Timothy Clark who said that during the night his truck had been burglarized.

He told them the truck had been left secured during the night and that there were several pieces of electronic surveying equipment valued at approximately $100,000, was missing.

Clark could not advise of any possible suspects and the case was then turned over to investigators.

The serial numbers from the stolen surveying equipment was then placed in the NCIC database, which led to the connection in Shabuta.