New Hub City homeless foundation receives a gift

A few weeks ago, Seven on your Side aired a story about ShaQuenna Arrington, Hattiesburg resident who found an elderly woman suffering and homeless in the middle of the woods. Arrington is the founder of the newly-formed "Faith Blessing P.A.T.H." to help the needy and homeless.

Folks across the Pine Belt community have become so touched by the stories, the outpouring of support for our homeless population is overwhelming.

Barbara Lee was sitting in front of her television last week when she noticed Arrington's efforts.

"Something just woke me up Monday morning when I heard the story on the news-- I'd seen it Sunday night and then I woke up again usually I'm not up that early but I got woken up that early."

That's when Barbara Lee decided she wants to donate a plot of land she inherited from her father off Short Railroad St. for a halfway house.

"We're hoping to set a date and have the community come back and help us out," said Jamie Arrington, ShaQuenna's husband.

P.A.T.H. founders and Lee say they now have a place to build the halfway house, and they've also formed a new friendship.

If you'd like to contribute to Faith Blessing P.A.T.H., contact ShaQuenna Arrington at 601-549-5884.