Joe's Viewpoint: PACE Headstart

The subject of today's Viewpoint is the recent news at the Forrest County P.A.C.E Head Start Program. This week we continue to report on allegations of sexual abuse of a three-year-old by a staff member of Head Start. While this news is horrible, it only gets worse. What is outrageous is how long it took the report of the incident to reach the Hattiesburg Police Department. It appears to have taken over two years for the proper authorities to be notified. This is unacceptable and negligent. I cannot imagine being a parent of a student in this program and learning of this now. Add to this, over 150 former employees' lives have also been disrupted as they reapply for their positions.  We can only hope that now that this is out in the open the truth will be revealed and justice done.

This is today's viewpoint.