Ellisville man falls victim to international scam after online dating

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - An Ellisville man fell victim to an international scam after chatting with a woman from Africa on a dating site for six-months.

The man was unaware that she was slowly gaining his confidence in order to use him as part of the scam.

The Criminal Investigative and Narcotics Division from the Jones County Sheriff's Department were alerted  about the scam from a supplier who grew suspicious about so much merchandise being shipped to the home.

Authorities arrived on Wednesday, July 30 at the man's address in Ellisville to investigate the suspicious order where they found around $40,000 worth of products.

Upon further investigation, the merchandise proved to be purchased from an out-of-state supplier with fraudulent information. The shipment included headphones, ear buds, memory cards and USB drives.

The woman  told the man to re-label the shipment with an address that she provided to Gambia, Africa.

The Jones County Sheriff's Department has contacted U.S. Customs to aid in their investigation.

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