Jones County man convicted of child pornography back in court

A Jones County man who was convicted of five counts of child exploitation in 2011 was back in court Tuesday.

John Bartholomew Lowe will soon have a new trial after claiming others had access to his computer and someone else had downloaded the explicit material. Taxpayers of Jones County will have to provide a computer forensic expert for Lowe.

On Tuesday, a motion hearing was held for him on behalf of his lawyer Grant Hedgepeth, who filed a motion for recusal, continuance and substitution of counsel.

"He wants to get out of it where he won't have to sit with Mr. Lowe," said Jones County District Attorney J. Ronald Parrish.

Hedgepeth, Parrish and Judge Billy Joe Landrum are all running against each other for Circuit Court Judge in November.

"The judge and I have already proved that we can conduct ourselves professionally, now the only thing is if Mr. Hedgepeth has a conflict in this, he's got a conflict in all the rest of them," said Parrish. "I just want to move on with this trial of John Lowe and this child pornography case and I want to give him justice just as much as he wants it."

Lowe's trial is scheduled for August 20.

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