Pine Belt residents flock to shops for Sales Tax Holiday

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Friday was the first day of tax free weekend and the Turtle Creek Mall was filled with shoppers looking for the best possible bargains.

The tax holiday meant any clothing items and shoes totaling under $100 would not be taxed for the next two days. On top of that, most stores are also doing sales to increase the likely hood that shoppers will spend most of their time and money in their store.

For shoppers, it means spending time with their family before school starts again. Shopper Mark Crosby says," Well today we're out shopping with my grandson who came in from Texas this past week to visit with us and we usually go out and buy some holiday stuff for him for the school days to get started with school. "

If you missed the chance to get out today, the sale runs through Saturday the 26th at midnight.