Homelessness in Hattiesburg

Many of us don't realize there are folks in Hattiesburg living in shambles without food, shelter, medicine, or any resources.

Seven on your Side spent time in the deep woods of the Pine Belt on Thursday to spend time with the homeless. We spoke to one woman who was at the end of her rope until a kind stranger reached out a hand.

Lynne Page looks like anyone you'd see out on the town. It's hard to believe that one even a month ago, her home was a waterlogged tent infested with snakes and mosquitos.

"I just love people and I do whatever I can to be a blessing to people," said ShaQuenna Arrington.

Arrington drove to the other side of the train tracks, felt moved to get out of her car, and search for people who need help.

"She was pitiful and hungry," Arrington recalled.

That's when she found Miss Page hunched over, and dying.

"I'm just happy that I was able to help get her out the woods," she said.

After spending days in the hospital, doctors realized Page needed a blood transfusion, and a significant amount of medical help, which she received.

Page is slowly piecing her life back together. She's now living with a Pine Belt family who asks to remain anonymous.

On Thursday, Page took a trip to the woods with us on the wet plot of land in the middle of the woods for the first time in two weeks for closure.

"I would never want to be here again," Page said.

The 71-year-old had many personal items turn up missing, but she clutched her bible.

"This bible is one of my devoted materials," she said.

ShaQuenna and her husband just started Faith Blessing P.A.T.H. five weeks ago.

"We never realized we had this many homeless people in Hattiesburg," Arrington said.

Their dream is to build a halfway house once they receive enough donations and resources.

"This is the way we express Jesus, and I support my wife one hundred percent," Arrington said.

For now, they're finding temporary housing for homeless people in the area. They're also storing donated items in their home until they build a halfway house.

If you'd like to make a contribution, drop off non perishables and clothing at Chilis Bar and Grill in Hattiesburg and Petal. If you're interested in participating with P.A.T.H., contact ShaQuenna Arrington at 601-549-5884.