Staple Camper at Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - This week marks the second week of Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp for people with significant disabilities in South Forrest County. Campers attending this session range from the ages of twenty-two to sixty five.

Donna Rhain, is sixty and has been coming to Civitan Camp since she was six years old. She is one of the many campers that come back year after year, but something sets her apart from her fellow campers.

"She is really our last one from the original group that continues to come to camp and Donna was actually the reason camp started in the first place." Said Kay Boone, Camp Director

Abbie Rogers, the founder of Civitan Camp, was a friend of Donna's mother. They together formed the first camp session, which was a mixture of Abbies' girl scouts and children with disabilities in the Hattiesburg area.

With age Rhain's love for camp has only grown fonder. Her brother told the camp staff that she refuses to swim anywhere but camp. Upon arrival day the first thing she wanted to do was swim.

Abbie Rogers Civitan Camp continues to be a fun and safe atmosphere for adults and children with disabilities. With Summer 2014 coming to an end everyone is looking forward to nest summer, including Donna.