First on the Scene: Law enforcement

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Lawenforcement officers are on the front lines everyday putting their lives atrisk to protect and serve our community.

"It weighs onmy mind every day, will this be my last day, will this be my last time seeingmy wife, will this be the last time I see my kids, we know when we put on thisbadge daily, that day could be your last day," said Lamar County Deputy RickyLee.

One of thebiggest challenges that deputies face is not always having backup close by.

"Responding tosomething by yourself, first off, first thing that runs through your mind, willthis be my last call," said Lee. "It may be 15 or 20 minutes before your backupgets there, and you have to handle that situation the best you know how," saidLee.

Responding toshootings, accidents and other tragic events many times leave officers tosecure a scene before other first responders can tend to victims.

"I had one acouple years ago where I had a classmate, I was going home from work and shewas involved in a car crash and it actually killed her, and that stuck with methe rest of my life," said Lee. "To see that with someone you grew up with andwent to school with, and to see them not make it, it weighs on you prettyhard," said Lee.

Officers seethings constantly that most people generally hope to never see.

"Not cominghome to my family, and then losing a life of an individual that I could havesaved weighs on me the most," said Lee.

Many firstresponders in this field lean on family members or other officers to deal withthe stress and emotional strain the job takes on them.

"We realizedwhat we signed up to do, and we realize it's a dirty job, but some has to doit," said Lee.