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Landers Athlete of the Week: Peydan Brown - July 23rd

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When you think of the word athlete, there are a few images that usually come to mind.  But, there's a young lady in Haughton that has taken that word and turned into so much more.

Often times accomplishments are measured by medals and plaques like but the battles won in competition for 9-year-old Peydan Brown pale in comparison to a fight she won 9 years ago.

"When she was born the doctors told us she was not going to walk she, was not going to crawl," Peydan's Mom, Stacey Brown, said. 

Peydan was born with Spina bifida, a congenital disorder which paralyzes its victims from the waist down.  However, Peydan did eventually learn to crawl.

"She did everything at normal milestones even though they told us that she wouldn't. She's just always amazed us," said Stacey. 

From that point on, Peydan surpassed the expectations of her doctors.  Peydan found solace in cheering, dancing and track and field sports.  She has all but mastered the events she's been participating in.  She set national records in the shot put, discuss, and javelin events at the National Junior Disability Championships but still isn't satisfied. 

"Because I've done so many things already that I know I can probably do more," said Peydan. 

Her mother said, "Just the fact that she's out there doing it. It makes my heart happy to see here out there and see her never stop. She's an inspiration."  Peydan's wheelchair does little to contain the hope she gives others.  It's the same hope her Peydan's mother has for her. 

Peydan said, "It makes me feel good because I know she's always going to be there for me."

"Don't ever think your kid can't do it because they can," Stacey tearfully added. 

With every picture, medal or ribbon Peydan receives, it's a reminder of what Stacey sees when she looks into the eyes of her baby girl. "Perfect, perfect,there's nothing wrong with her."

"I would like to thank my Mom, my Dad, Ms. Diane, my coach and Ms. Pam," said Peydan as she accepted the Athlete of the Week award. 

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