60,000 Mississippians face increases in health care

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from the Mississippi House Democratic Caucus 

A Federal Court ruling today jeopardizes the affordability of health insurance for at least sixty-thousand Mississippians who have purchased policies through the federal exchange created under the ACA. If the ruling stands, monthly insurance premiums for these insureds would increase dramatically, possibly to the point where they could no longer afford the health coverage they were only recently able to acquire. In its ruling the Court held that subsidies were authorized under the ACA for policies purchased through state-based exchanges, but not the federal exchange when their state did not adopt one of its own.

Democrats in the MS House sided with Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney in 2013 in his push for a state exchange maintaining that a state-run exchange would be preferable and less expensive.  Governor Phil Bryant opposed a state exchange in favor of one run by the federal government. In a party line vote a majority of House members followed Governor Bryant and Speaker Gunn's lead in opting for a federal exchange instead of one operated in Mississippi. As a result, if this case stands it will cost Mississippi families thousands of dollars per year thanks to our Republican leadership in Jackson.

Mississippi's Republican leadership is against a state run insurance exchange no matter what it costs families. Couple their extremism in opposition to a state run exchange with Governor Bryant's refusal to accept federal funds to save Mississippi hospitals, and this Republican regime is well on the way to dismantling community healthcare as we know it.