McDaniel visits Hub City to ask supporters to push election challenge

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - State senator Chris McDaniel made a stop in Hattiesburg Tuesday to ask supporters for their help in his potential election challenge.

McDaniel, who still has not conceded the June 24 runoff, spoke to a crowd of around 100 to explain the process to them. However, he said that even though the Mississippi GOP has already certified the election, he felt that he will have reason to challenge the results.

"If we get into this and see that there's not a logical or a rational court challenge, we won't go forward, but we believe, based on everything we've seen, that there will be a rational or logical court challenge," said McDaniel. "I feel strong about that because of all the irregularities and proprieties we've seen throughout the state."

McDaniel encouraged supporters to get involved with their local party in order to push for a public hearing on the campaign's findings, but he jokingly said to make sure Henry Barbour- political strategist and Cochran staffer- is not invited.

McDaniel's lawyer Mitch Tyner filed a petition this week asking the Mississippi Supreme Court to hear oral arguments on these issues and asked for reconsideration and clarification in response to the court's July 17 order.

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