Pinehaven family housing to close on USM campus

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - USM is closing the doors for PineHaven family housing effective December 31st.

The family housing division was built in 1956 and allows non-traditional students and students with children to stay on campus.

According to Dr. Scott Blackwell, director of residence life, it has been around "beyond its functional life." Blackwell also stated that 45% of its 40 units were occupied and they stopped renting two years ago in preparation for the 2014 closing.

A current resident, Shyrle Wallace says," The two years that I have been in Pinehaven has been very instrumental in achieving my education because it put me on campus, its kept me from having to come up with deposits and look for a place to live and for a single person... a graduate student, that's very hard."

With USM closing their family housing, only three other major universities within the state offer the program: Ole Miss, Delta State, and MUW.

USM currently has no plans to replace the family housing division or build on the current location once the buildings are demolished.