Mayor seeks council approval on single appointment with 11 more to go

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg City Council will vote Tuesday night to approve Mayor Johnny DuPree's appointment for Director of Engineering.

Lamar Rutland, who is currently employed by the Army Corps of Engineers, is expected to receive council approval as the mayor's fifth appointment. However, the council is still waiting for a remaining 11 appointments from the mayor.

DuPree was sworn into office October 5, 2013, and presented his first round of director appointments to the council five months later. Four of those five were approved.

In 2006, a Supreme Court decision drove the mayor to finally present his appointments to the council for approval.

In the last interview where the mayor discussed directors, he said the following about moving forward slowly: "Keeping in mind that I know that some of the council members have some concerns about some of the other ones (appointments), so hopefully we'll sit down and talk with the council and see where we are with the other ones that we can come to some agreement or some term with those, and then we'll move forward with those."

The mayor declined to comment on camera about the remaining appointments and said he did not have a timeline in place for when they would be presented.

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