Wayne County business owner still at large for drug transfer

The South Mississippi Narcotics Task Force made half a dozen drug arrests in Wayne County last week, but one man remains at large. According to an arrest warrant and video footage, Joe Barnett allegedly made two transfers of prescription pain meds to a confidential informant. Brent Pursell with the Narcotics Task Force says Barnett should be arrested.

"All we're trying to do is enforce the law to the best of our ability," Pursell said.

After calling the Wayne County mayor, police chief, and a justice court judge, nobody could provide us with details as to why Joe Barnett, has not been arrested.

"A drug transfer is a drug transfer, rather you sell it, rather you give it to somebody, rather you borrowed it or traded it for something else," Pursell said.

According to a doctor's note provided by law officials, Barnett is scheduled to undergo surgery at an undisclosed hospital, which leads to why he's not in police custody. According to state law, it is a crime to transfer drugs without a prescription. Pursell notes the prescription drug epidemic in Wayne County.

In 2011-2012, time frame where in this small community of Wayne County, seven people overdosed on pain prescription medicine.