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Posted: Updated: dry erase menu allows people to plan their meals, make a grocery list, and not have to continually answer the question, ” What’s for dinner?”

July 17, 2014 /MM-prReach/ — launches a new dry erase menu product. A busy mother of 4 girls has now put an end to the nagging question of “What’s for Dinner?” As a parent there are several questions that can send a chill up the spine, “what is for dinner” is up in the top 5 for sure. After working all day and arriving home together only to be bombarded from the kids and spouse wondering what there is to eat. In most cases, whoever is cooking is probably just as clueless as those asking.

Finally has provided a solution with the dry erase menu. There is nothing new about a menu, they have existed for years. took it a few steps further. “First of all, you have space to write out and plan each meal for the week. This was my biggest problem, is I didn’t have a plan of what to eat, so when my husband or kids would ask it would bother me because I didn’t know either” states Marianne, founder of “Having the menu on the fridge, I can plan out each week and then I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

The second stress of the meals is making sure all the ingredients are purchased. The dry erase menu has ample room to make a grocery list. “As I plan the meals, I check to see what I have and if I need to buy anything then just make a list. I have trained my family as well to write down what they want to eat or if they eat the last of something.” states Marianne. “When I go shopping I take a picture with my phone of the list and it takes me seconds.”

Lastly the menu needed to be stylish and attractive so that it could be in the kitchen and not an eye sore. A dry erase menu isn’t going to change the world, but however it may change the home. Check one more item of the list of an already busy schedule. was founded 8 years ago by two busy moms that were trying to get more organized. provides decorative stylish organizational tools for the home.

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