Columbia contractor arrested, charged with home repair fraud.

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A Columbia contractor has been arrested and charged with home repair fraud.

In May, Ruby Green of North Park Avenue in Marion County hired Chris Broom to do extensive work on her home. The work included adding an extension to the back of home, a new roof, and a complete remodel of the inside of the house.

Green claims that Broom told her the work would take three to four weeks to complete. She says after about six-weeks on the job and after having given Broom $30,000 for the project, Broom and is crew abandoned the project leaving her home a mess.

Green filed charges with the Marion County Sheriff's Department and Broom was arrested July 2,. He is currently out on bond. No court date has been set.

We talked with Broom by phone Tuesday. He said he has not defrauded Mrs. Green. He claims the work that was done was not substandard and he has receipts that will show the money spent was not fraudulently spent. He says he and his crew left the project because Green was placing too many demands on them and she was impossible to work with.

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