On this day in history - July 15th, 1910

Alois Alzheimer
Alois Alzheimer

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - On this day in history - July 15th, 1910 - Alzheimer's disease is named.

Alois Alzheimer first encountered the disease in 1901 in a patient named Auguste D. He followed her case until 1906 when she died. More cases surfaced after Auguste D., and Alzheimer distinguished the disease from simple dementia.

In 1910, Emil Kraepelin referred to Alzheimer's as "pre senile dementia" in his Textbook of Psychiatry.

26.6 million people had Alzheimer's in 2006. Once diagnosed, life expectancy is about seven years on average. Less than 3% of people diagnosed live more than 14 years.