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Children among those dead from Israeli airstrikes

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A home in Gaza is left in ruins following an Israeli airstrike. (Source: CNN) A home in Gaza is left in ruins following an Israeli airstrike. (Source: CNN)

JABALYA, GAZA STRIP (CNN) - Hospitals are overwhelmed with casualties of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

Israel launched the strikes in response to a barrage of rocket fire from militants.

It's time to move to safer ground.

"I'm going to another house to save these children," one man says. "If another rockets comes they'll die too!"

Shortly before a missile smashed into this house in Jabalya, northern Gaza, shrapnel ripped a massive hole in the head of 4-year-old Saher Abu Namusa. At the hospital, his father was hysterical with grief.

Another father comforts a boy who witnessed Saher's death.

Some are still looking fearfully toward the sky.

The building still smoldering. No one had time to run away because, the owner says, no one told them to.

In the case of the house there was no so-called knock on the roof. There was no phone call warning people to leave the house. The rocket came right out of the blue.

In Gaza there is no Iron Dome system to stop the missiles, no air raid sirens, no bomb shelters.

In nearby Bait Hanoun, life almost seems normal.

Yasir Abu Odeh is busy making qatiyif, a popular Ramadan sweet.

Residents have received calls from people speaking Arabic with Hebrew accents telling them to leave the town near the Israeli border for their own safety.

But Yasir is staying put.

"There's no escape," he says. "God has sealed our fate. Whether we stay here or leave. There's nowhere safe in Gaza."

A warning call came before a house in Jabalya was obliterated in an Israeli airstrike on Friday afternoon.

Raouf Abu Odeh had the misfortune of living next door. Half his house was destroyed.

"When I heard there was danger we ran away with my family. We have no bomb shelters, we have nothing. All we can do is escape," he said.

But this is Gaza. And there is no escape.

A Palestinian Health Ministry spokesman says 100 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes, 22 of them children.

Israel has not reported any deaths from the militant rocket fire.

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