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Dream Act supporters upset by McCain's plan


Arizona Senator John McCain announced a plan to make it easier to send children from Central America back to their home country right away. Still, he insists he's still a strong supporter of the Dream Act.

"I see no connection between the dream act and what is happening. The Dream Act is for people, is for children who were brought here involuntarily by their parents. That's what the Dream Act is all about. These children are showing up at the border themselves," said McCain.

Dream Act supporter Korina Iribe agrees the issues are separate, but says turning those children away is inhumane.

"I'm not from Honduras or any part of Central America, but I can only imagine that these children, because of all the violence, this is why they're coming here," said Iribe.

Iribe knows what it's like. Her mom brought her over to the U.S. from Mexico when she was just 7 years old.

"My mom had gotten recently divorced and was fleeing from a violent marriage. There was a lot of violence and we decided that we wanted to come here," said Iribe.

Iribe is allowed to stay in the U.S. under the Deferred Action program. She says the children from Central America should be treated the same.

"We were given the opportunity to stay here and prove ourselves and work, and on the human aspect of it, I think that these children should be treated fairly and given opportunity as well," said Iribe.

Iribe says the U.S. should focus on addressing the violence in Central America. She believes that would help stop the massive influx of children from those countries.

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